Flyvesandet is a truly lovely area with an abundance of atmosphere and opportunities. Here, you can always find a place to yourself or take an enjoyable stroll. Indeed, nature, wide-open spaces and tranquility speak for themselves.



Classicism and long, attractive alleys. Egebjerggård’s history is closely linked to Kørup manor house. From the
start of the 1400s until the end of the 1700s, both farms belonged to the Podebusk family.


For many years, Egebjerggård functioned as a home farm for the Kørup manor house until it became a main farm in 1660. For several centuries, Egebjerggård went under the name of Einsidelsborg.


The present main building was constructed in 1831 and it comprises a two-storey, single-winged structure. Egebjerggård formed the backdrop for the TV series ”1864”
Egebjerggård is not open to the public, but you can see the building from the road.


The woodland

In the central part of the North Woodland at Egebjerggård you will find one of the biggest contigious oak woodlands on Funen. The majestic oak trees here are between 100 and 160 years old. In the protected part of the woodland, the honeysuckle and, in some places, the holly, attracts rare insects, including the White Admiral butterfly. A large section of the woodland became protected in 2009 purely because of the insects found there.


You can spend countless hours exploring the paths and roads in the area and, in several places, the wood-land is incredibly picturesque where it extends out to the water.
On the north coast, you get a wonderful view over the Kattegat to Samsø. The coast here has some of Funen’s best trout fishing.



Flyvesandet’s Continuation School occupies the old forest manager’s building, which dates from 1912. The Continuation School makes extensive use of the whole area for the purposes of teaching in the open air, hunting and fishing.


Denmark’s first land reclamation project (damming)

334 hectares of the extensive Krogsbølle Fjord was dammed in the year 1781 under the name of the ”Ein-sidelsborg Damming”. The Krogsbølle Fjord project was one of the very first land reclamation projects in Denmark.


The damming was carried out by Denmark’s then Prime Minister, Joachim Godske Moltke, who had acquired the estate the same year. Thus, the starting gun for the damming and draining of many fjords, retreats and lakes was fired. In North Funen alone there have been 24 dammings.


When you drive past Kjørup manor house on the way toFlyvesandet, you go over the old fjord går vejen hen over den gamle fjord bed. Where there is a bend in the road, the memorial stone stands atop the reclaimed land. On the back, it reads “In honour of Joachim Gotske, Count of Moltke, who defined Neptunus Boundaries in the Year 1781”.


Things you MUST experience for yourself in this area: Take a picnic in the woodland or by the coast, Sample the view from the birdwatching tower, take a hike along the long woodland roads.