North Funen is a fantastic place to enjoy the outdoor life. This is evident from the multitude of outdoor activities and pursuits that are practised here.
Nature is right on your doorstep in North Funen. With its varied landscape, which offers fantastic wide-open spaces, hills, valleys, beaches and forests with stunning scenery, there is plenty to keep you occupied on your journey of discovery.
In North Funen, you will find opportunities to engage in, for example: Mountain biking, cycling, wind and kite surfing, stand-up paddling, kayak sailing, underwater fishing, snorkling, bushcraft, hiking, outdoor yoga, golf, winter swimming, tree climbing, riding and much, much more. Have fun – See you out there.

Hiking and cycling paths:
In North Funen, you will find countless kilometres of small, charming, twisting paths in a landscape featuring farms, half-timbered houses, streams, meadows and fields. If a short or long hiking or cycling trip is what you are looking for, you will love North Funen.


You can also choose a green, red, blue or black Kløversti (Clover Path). The routes are all signposted and their distances vary, from 2.5 km right up to 21 km.

Barbecue and picnic spots:
If you are heading out with the kids, or just on your own, take a packed lunch and remember to pack the squash and coffee in your rucksack. Whether it’s a Pippi Longstocking-style treasure hunt on the beach, an outing in the woods digging holes or peace and solitude with a good book in a secret spot, the choice is yours. And, of course, there are incredibly good places to have picnics.


If you are on holiday for a few days with your hiking boots or bicycle, you can find very basic overnight accommodation options, camping sites, cabin rental and bed and breakfasts.

With Funen’s longest stretch of coast – extending 80 kilometres – an abundant stock of sea trout, which are actively maintained by some of Denmark’s best fishing grounds where you can catch everything from sea trout to needlefish, grey mullet and mackerel, North Funen is a true Eldorado for anglers. If you want to find the best spots and get the best tips, then book a local fishing guide. If you want to try sea fishing it is also possible to hire a boat. Find out more at

Open-air accommodation:
More and more shelter sites are being established. Here, you can take a rest, eat your lunch, have a barbecue, play and just generally have a nice time. You can also find spots to build a fire, stay the night and obtain information and inspiration to make the most of your outing, afternoon or break.

Beach and Forest:
North Funen and its islands have more than 100 kilometres of coastline to enjoy with fantastic natural scenery and exciting landscapes. Here, there is ample opportunity to collect fossils, amber and various types of stone. In several places along the coast, you will find some of the most formidable sea trout fishing and, if you are particularly lucky, you may even see a sea eagle fly past while you are enjoying your packed lunch. You can also have a day of lazing and playing with the kids on one of our superb bathing beaches. At both Hasmark Strand and Bogense Søbad, disabled access ramps and bathing wheelchairs are available so that disabled visitors can go into the water too.

Horse riding paths and mountain biking routes:
If mountain biking, racing pulses and a challenge appeal to you, then you must try the mountain biking route at Langesø, which extends for more than 25 kilometres. In this hilly terrain, there is also ample opportunity for horse riding and lovely, long hiking trips. Langesøskoven is privately-owned and you have to buy licences to cycle and ride there. You can walk on the paths and trails. Show consideration.


If you want to join a treasure hunt, go “Geocaching” with your smart phone or GPS device. A Geocache is a container (for the treasure) which varies in size from a matchstick to a packet of cornflakes. A cache can be hidden in the strangest places, depending on the degree of difficulty, and these elements are what make geocaching so captivating. Try

If you would like to try your hand at golf in delightful surroundings, you’ve come to the right place. You see, in North Funen, several of the golf courses offer Pay & Play so that anyone can join in. Moreover, the golf courses are located in incredibly beautiful surroundings overlooking lakes and the sea. You can read more at